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April 2014

Many Thanks to the Fabulous
Virginia Kantra
for a Terrific, Fun, and Inspiring Workshop!

On Saturday, April 5, 2014
NYTimes Bestselling Author Virginia Kantra presented:

Deep POV (or I’ve Got You Under My Skin)

Bestselling author Virginia Kantra will awe, entertain, and
teach us how to transport readers into our character’s skin through
that character’s experience and emotions. Learn the elements
of writing deep POV and how to use them most effectively.

Virginia will show us effective techniques for switching POV
within a scene and how to write in the male POV, including
“Virginia’s Guide to Guy-Speak.”

For those of you who have struggled with POV, she’ll provide tips
on character’s motivations, needs and conflicts to help us
write that bestselling novel

Sex, Style, and Substance: the Role of Gender in Romance

Gender roles are changing in society and romance, yet the differences
between men and women still impact our genre. Using examples
from her own work and best-selling authors, Virginia Kantra demonstrates
how an understanding of gender can add credibility to our characterizations
and spark to our romance.

This workshop will discuss gender roles from
the standpoint of biology and genre fiction; meeting reader expectations
and subverting stereotypes; and how male and female communication styles
affect dialogue, point-of-view, conflict, and intimacy.

Thanks again, Virginia, for a Wonderful Day!


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