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Learn Your Craft and Show Chapter Pride
with these fabulous items

Audio Tapes
The LIRW offers some fabulous tapes by our own terrific workshop presenter, chapter founder and multi-published author Pamela Burford. Pam's lectures are chock-full of valuable information, presented with her humorous touch.

$6.00 each or take all 3 for $15.
By mail, add a $2.00 shipping and handling charge. (for more than one tape or out of US, contact us at tapes@lirw.org)

  • And Secret Baby Makes Three: The Joy of Primal Plots
    by Pamela Burford
    running time: 30 minutes
    Join multi-published, award-winning author Pamela Burford for this discussion of primal romance plots such as Marriage of Convenience, Beauty and the Beast, Secret Baby, etc. These Primal Plots resonate with readers-- learn why, and learn how to make them work for you, and make them your own!
  • The Opening Hook by Pamela Burford
    running time: 35 minutes
    In today's competitive market, it's essential to hook your reader's attention with the first sentence of your book. Join multi-published, award-winning author Pamela Burford for this discussion of the all-important opening of your novel. Learn how you, too, can deliver an opening that keeps the reader turning the page!
  • Keep It Moving, Folks! Pacing Your Novel by Pamela Burford
    running time: 30 minutes
    Pacing is one of the greatest challenges of fiction writing. Join multi-published, award-winning author Pamela Burford for this discussion on how to work in all that backstory and give your sagging middle a tummy tuck while never letting your book slip out of high gear.

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Box O'Plots
by Patricia Ryan, aka Louisa Burton / P.B. Ryan (aka, the Good Twin)

Don't know where to go with your next novel? Shuffle these intriguing Plot Cards to get the creative juices flowing! While no one can promise you a full-blown plot through a mere random arrangement of cards, what these cards can promise is to get you off to a good start! Choose one card from each of five categories, and start free-writing your way to characters and situations that will soon have you plotting dynamically on your own.

Comes in its own attractive carton! Color-coded cards in 5 categories: Primal Plots/Themes/Situations, Internal Conflicts, External Conflicts, Goals/Purposes, and The Ticking Clock.
$12.00 each--by mail, add $4.00 shipping/handling

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LIRW Lighthouse Mugs
Show the spirit! Drink that inspirational beverage out of this delightful ceramic mug, and feel embraced by the loving support of your chapter mates! 8 oz. white mug features LIRW Lighthouse logo and words "Lighting the Way to Romance" on one side, and the words "Long Island Romance Writers" on the reverse, in teal. Microwaveable and Dishwasher safe!

$6.00 each, by mail add $2.00 shipping/ handling

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Picking Nits
Pamela Burford's fun and painless way of polishing your prose! A handy reference book on common manuscript issues of grammar and presentation, featuring the adventures and misadventures of Amanda Hugmie, Harden Hunky, Otto B. Flaid and Mary de Bauchery. Smile while you punctuate!

$6.00 each, by mail add $2.00 shipping/ handling.

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Lighthouse Pillows

$7.00 each, 2 for $10, by mail contact lirw@lirw.org

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